#philq: A Tag for Philosopher’s Queries

Later this month I’ll be giving a presentation/demo on academic uses of twitter at a meeting of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers. One of my favorite uses of twitter is to crowdsource philosophical questions. Whether I need a suggestion for a reading, a citation, or someone to find an article for me, I use Twitter to get my query out to a large group of philosophers. I will definitely want to do a demo of this during my presentation and I was thinking that it would be extremely useful if there were a standard tag that philosophers used when they had a query. If there were a standard tag, philosophers could keep a saved search in their Twitter client or on the Twitter website so that they could easily check every day to see what philosophers were looking for and, hopefully, help out however they can.

I’m writing this post to propose such a tag. I suggest all the twittering philosophers use “#philq” (short for philosopher’s query/question) whenever you want to crowdsource a query. I picked that because nothing came up for it when I did a search on twitter. I’m open to a different standard, but for now I’m going to use this. I hope you’ll join me!

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