My work is primarily in applied ethics but often draws on my background in philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, and epistemology. In the last several years, I’ve mostly written about issues of moral status in various applied ethical contexts, including environmental ethics, synthetic biology, cognitive enhancement, and artificial intelligence, and have recently completed a book manuscript on issues of moral status. You can find a description of the manuscript and a link to a version of the proposal below.

Next on my agenda is to continue working on issues in the ethics of emerging technologies. I’m especially interested in designing or adapting research oversight structures to ensure that artificially intelligent and autonomous systems are developed and implemented in ethically sensitive ways.

I have profiles (that I don’t carefully maintain) on both Google Scholar and PhilPapers. If you’d like a copy of a paper, but don’t have access, feel free to contact me.

Book Manuscript: The Death of the Ethics of Life
I recently completed a book manuscript! The main thesis is that Biocentrism, the view that non-sentient organisms are morally considerable or have direct moral status is false. Along the way, I develop a framework for how to think about moral status, argue that certain questions about moral status are epistemically prior to questions about which normative theory is true, defend a novel account of the welfare of non-sentient organisms, explain why that account of welfare also extends to communities and artifacts, argue that Sentientist criticisms of Biocentrism fall flat, and defend the view that welfare is not sufficient for moral considerability.

A version of the book proposal with more details is available here.

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